Washington, DC - America is now opening back up. People are starting to venture back to church. Places of work are reopening. Restaurants are reopening. State parks are reopening. The beaches are opening many places. Most Americans are breathing a sigh of relief. Americans are sick and tired of Covid-19. We're tired of hearing about it and we're tired of the repercussions from it. More Americans now are unemployed since The Great Depression. More unemployment claims have been filed than ever before. Many Americans have filed for unemployment weeks ago and still haven't a penny of money. I continue to hear from people who haven't received a stimulus check. 

We are tired of the news and the latest countdown of every county's death stats from Covid-19. If you want to increase our risk of mental illness just keep watching television eight hours a day as many Americans have been doing.  In my town we have to hear about how many have died from every county in three states. Our hearts break and grieve for these families. It's just tough hearing the stats every day about so many counties in so many different states. 

What must be next? We must find a vaccine for Covid-19. We must develop it in our country if at all possible and we must not enrich China with billions of dollars with anything that comes out of that country. China has done and given us enough. We don't need more from China of anything. By the way, quit buying anything made from China.

Use commonsense! Be safe, be smart. Don't go to church if you don't want to! If you have health or age issues stay home or go walk the park. People in church are going to be in close proximity. It cannot be avoided totally. Hallways are narrow and restrooms are small at church. You are going to be close to somebody. You can go to church later. Pray at home, read your Bible at home and if you have any income you can mail your church a check. However, if you want to go to church then go but respect other people. Wear your mask for now and be distant. Be courteous. 

Go back to work if you still have a job. Your employer doesn't want you to be sick. Your employer is financially struggling now too. He wants to keep the factory or the business safe and healthy. They can't make it if everybody gets sick. Go to work and be a part of the solution. Don't be the problem.

Go somewhere if you can. America and actually the entire planet are stir crazy. Keep your mask handy and wash your hands a lot. Carry your disinfectants with you. Clean everything often. Respect social distancing. Be safe.

Next, start thinking about how you are going to vote this fall. If you don't like how your elected leaders are leading then you can change it by voting. 

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