Calabasas, California - Emergency Services Personnel including City of Calabasas' City officials hold press conference surrounding helicopter crash in Calabasas this morning. Directly behind Fire Chief [l-r : City Manager, Dr. Gary Lysik, Councilmember David Shapiro, Mayor Alicia Weintraub].

The City Manager's office has released this statement: "Tragedy hit a hillside in Calabasas this morning, and like an asteroid falling from space, the ripples will be felt around the globe. As a community, along with the survived-by families, Calabasas collectively mourns the loss of the nine bright lights who were lost. As we all absorb this shock, hug your loved ones close and in the words of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, “everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for us to rise.”

The City of Calabasas has posted this notice: "DeAnza Park at Las Virgenes and Lost Hills (3701 Lost Hills Rd.) in Calabasas has been designated as a site to leave flowers or pay respects to any victims of today’s helicopter crash. Grass area near the basketball courts. Please be respectful while visiting."