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Breakthrough Golf Technology - Stability Putter Shaft

The Stability Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology. Breakthrough Golf uses scientifically advanced multi-material design with geometries never before used in a putter shafts. The Stability shaft has a unique look and a more solid feel than a traditional steel putter shaft.

Stability Putter Shaft

Stability Armlock Putter Shaft is designed with the same advanced technology and performance benefits as the original Stability shaft. The Armlock Stability will feature a steel core wrapped with a highly twist-resistant outer graphite wrap, that reinforces flexural rigidity; over the typical flex point of the shaft, which is closer to the putter head. 

Armlock Stability Putter Shaft

 The Stability Shaft replaces 50-year old steel-shaft technology. Steel putter shafts stress during the motion of the stroke, which results in the putter face not returning square to the target line. Stability helps golfers make more putts and reduces 3-putts with better distance control.


Golfers can now get exact yardages, green images, score tracking and hole selection, all on Apple Watch.  GolfLogix, the complete game improvement app and global leader in GPS and stats tracking technology, has released its latest update on Apple Watch, offering a more convenient alternative to the iPhone.  The app is compatible with Series 3 and 4 Apple Watches.

GolfLogix Putt Line

GolfLogix, the complete game improvement app with the most downloads in golf, has launched its all-new Putt Line feature. The long-anticipated update to the innovative app shows the exact read for distance and line, taking the guesswork out and allowing users to see exactly where to aim their putts.

GolfLogix is the only on-course app that shows you the exact line of your putt to the hole, along with break, change in elevation and the speed of the green.