Washington, DC - On October 16, 2018, my Administration notified the Congress that I intended to initiate trade negotiations with Japan on a United States-Japan Trade Agreement.  As stated in that notification and subsequent consultations with the Congress, my Administration proposed pursuing negotiations with Japan in stages.  I am pleased to report that my Administration has reached an initial trade agreement regarding tariff barriers (the “agreement”) with Japan and I intend to enter into the agreement in the coming weeks.

Accordingly, pursuant to section 103(a)(2) of the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 (Public Law 114-26, Title I) (the “Act”), I hereby notify the Congress that I intend to enter into a trade agreement regarding tariff barriers with Japan under section 103(a) of the Act.

In addition, I also will be entering into an Executive Agreement with Japan regarding digital trade.

My Administration looks forward to continued collaboration with the Congress on further negotiations with Japan to achieve a comprehensive trade agreement that results in more fair and reciprocal trade between the United States and Japan.


September 16, 2019.