Dallas, Texas - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Dallas Fort Worth port of entry intercepted 4,000 counterfeit high definition cameras bearing intellectual property rights violations.

Counterfeit Cameras Seized in Dallas
CBP officers in Dallas intercepted
220 boxes of counterfeit cameras.

The suggested retail value of these cameras totaled $241,076.

“Counterfeiters trafficking in phony merchandise are not concerned about the American consumer or the damage their fake goods can do,” said Cleatus P. Hunt Jr., Port Director, Area Port of Dallas. “CBP will continue to enforce trademark violations in an effort to ensure the public is not being taken advantage of by purchasing fake goods.”

The shipment of 220 boxes destined for Carrollton, Texas was manifested as video cameras and originated in Hong Kong. Officer experience prompted a more thorough exam.

CBP officers suspected the trademarked merchandise was counterfeit due to the shipper’s poor quality packaging, which did not comply with typical shipping procedures for genuine merchandise. Additionally, the cameras appeared to be of poor quality and were in sealed cardboard shipping boxes.

CBP’s Import Specialist Division verified the items were counterfeit and violated the company’s trademark. They also determined the appraised value of the merchandise.

The consignee of the shipment will have an opportunity to submit proof of Trademark Licensing to CBP; if not, the seized shipment will be destroyed.