Washington, DC - "The people of Venezuela are standing for freedom and democracy, and the United States of America is standing right by their side." ~ President Donald J. Trump

ISOLATING MADURO AND HIS CRONIES: President Donald J. Trump is taking action to isolate the illegitimate Maduro regime from the global financial system.

  • The President signed an executive order imposing new sanctions on the Maduro regime, blocking all property of the Venezuelan Government in the jurisdiction of the United States.
  • President Trump is directly targeting those who enable the illegitimate Maduro regime and undermine the National Assembly of Venezuela and Interim President Juan Guaido.
    • The President granted the Secretary of the Treasury the authority to block all property of individuals who provide material support to the Maduro regime.
  • This executive order further isolates Maduro’s illegitimate regime from the global financial system and the international community.

CUTTING OFF THE REGIME’S FINANCIAL LIFELINE: President Trump will continue to cut off the financial resources of Maduro and his cronies and enablers.

  • President Trump has used economic tools to increase pressure on the illegitimate and corrupt Maduro regime and those who support his egregious abuses.
  • The Trump Administration has issued 30 rounds of sanctions targeting approximately 200 individuals and entities.
    • Sanctions have targeted corruption networks that steal from the Venezuelan people.
    • The United States has sanctioned key sectors of the Venezuelan economy exploited by the regime, including the oil and gold sectors.
    • President Trump has sanctioned Maduro’s financial lifelines, including the Venezuelan Central Bank, the Venezuelan Development Bank, and Petroleos de Venezuela.
    • We have targeted Venezuela’s military and intelligence sector, which has committed horrible abuses against the Venezuelan people.
  • The United States has also revoked more than 700 visas, including those held by more than 100 former regime diplomatic personnel, since January 2019.
  • The President’s sanctions demonstrate a firm commitment to ensuring the democratic transition in Venezuela that its people deserve.

STANDING WITH THE PEOPLE OF VENEZUELA: President Trump stands with the Venezuelan people as they continue to fight for freedom, human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

  • The President maintains strong support for the Interim Venezuelan President Guaido and the democratically elected National Assembly.
  • This action is not against the Venezuelan people, but against Maduro and his ongoing human rights abuses.
    • Maduro continues to rob the Venezuelan people of their resources while the people face a horrifying humanitarian crisis.
  • The United States has taken careful measures to help provide the Venezuelan people with access to humanitarian aid, including food and medicine.