Washington, DC - On behalf of the people of the United States of America, I congratulate interim President Juan Guaido, the National Assembly, and the people of Venezuela as you celebrate the anniversary of your independence.

Once again, the Venezuelan people are besieged by dictatorship, undesired foreign presence, and profiteers.  As in the time of Bolivar, Venezuela’s path to democracy is not easy, but you inspire the world with the strength of your voices and tremendous courage.  We are with you in your struggle to reclaim your democratic self-governance and free it from those who have betrayed, oppressed, and robbed the Venezuelan people of the wealth of your great nation.

The United States is unwavering in our commitment to realizing the restoration of your democratic future and the establishment of a government chosen by the Venezuelan people through free and fair elections.  You will have our support until then -- and beyond as your recovery begins.