Washington, DC - "My Administration is embracing a new spirit of innovation that will make life better for all Americans." ~ President Donald J. Trump

A GLOBAL 5G LEADER: Thanks to President Donald J. Trump, America is now leading the global race to deploy secure and reliable 5G.

  • The United States is a world leader in global 5G readiness.
  • The United States now leads the world with by far the most secure and reliable commercial 5G deployments, with 5G trials in multiple cities.
  • America also leads the world in availability of critical high- and low-band spectrum for wireless, allowing for high-speed and high-capacity applications.
  • We must build on these advantages through innovation and investment in America’s mid-band spectrum and wireless cell site infrastructure.

EMPOWERING THE WIRELESS INDUSTRY: President Trump’s policies empower the wireless industry to innovate and invest in America’s 5G capabilities, further bolstering our economy and creating millions of jobs.

  • President Trump’s historic tax cuts and deregulatory actions have created incentives for the wireless industry to invest in 5G technology.
    • According to a recent study, America’s wireless industry plans to invest $275 billion to deploy 5G networks, creating 3 million new jobs and adding $500 billion to our economy.
  • Since November 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has auctioned 1,550 megahertz of spectrum to be used by commercial wireless providers for 5G.
    • A third spectrum auction set for December will be the largest in American history, offering 3,400 megahertz of spectrum to wireless providers for 5G.
  • The American private sector is leading the way on deployment of secure and reliable 5G through commercial trials.
  • The Trump Administration is lowering regulatory barriers to deployment, resulting in increased investment in 5G infrastructure.
  • The President is committed to efficient spectrum use and spurring private-sector investment in 5G.

AMERICA FIRST – TO 5G: President Trump is ensuring that America wins the global race to 5G and remains the world leader in information and communications technology.

  • Last year, President Trump signed a memorandum on “Developing a Sustainable Spectrum Strategy for America’s Future,” enabling us to secure America’s leadership in 5G and beyond.
  • The Administration is developing a National Spectrum Strategy focused on more effective and efficient spectrum management that will allow America to reach the full potential of 5G.
    • The National Spectrum Strategy will ensure a balanced approach to spectrum management to support critical government services and future spectrum uses.
  • To ensure rural America is not left behind, the FCC aims to create a new $20.4 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund that will extend high-speed broadband to 4 million homes and small businesses.
  • The United States is working internationally on telecommunication security principles that will foster reliable 5G network and supply chain development.