Washington, DC - "I know that the Republic of Korea, which has become a tremendously successful nation, will be a faithful ally of the United States very long into the future." ~ President Donald J. Trump

STRENGTHENING OUR VITAL ALLIANCE: President Donald J. Trump is welcoming President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea (ROK) to the White House.

  • President Trump and President Moon Jae-in will discuss a range of matters, including the latest developments regarding North Korea.
  • The ROK stands as one of the United States closest and most vital allies and friends.
    • Together, our two countries have built an ironclad alliance based on shared values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.
    • Our alliance remains the linchpin of peace and security not just on the Korean Peninsula, but across the region.
  • Under President Trump, the United States and the ROK have worked to further economic ties and jointly pursue peace on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Today’s visit will help strengthen the friendship and alliance between the United States and the ROK.

WORKING IN CLOSE COORDINATION: President Trump is working closely with President Moon to advance peace and denuclearize North Korea.

  • Under President Trump, coordination and cooperation between the United States and the ROK on North Korea are stronger than ever.
  • President Trump and President Moon have made clear that North Korea should follow through on its commitment to final, fully verified denuclearization.
  • The ROK has been a vital partner in developing negotiations with Chairman Kim Jong Un.
  • The United States and the ROK have been prepared to explore economic development options for North Korea should the right conditions be met.

IMPROVING OUR TRADING PARTNERSHIP: Trade and investment with the ROK have improved under President Trump’s leadership.

  • President Trump has worked diligently to improve and balance the trade relationship between the United States and the ROK.
  • Last year, President Trump and President Moon welcomed significant improvements to the United States–Korea Free Trade Agreement.
    • The updated deal secured key improvements that preserve and grow jobs in America’s auto industry.
  • The ROK is one of the United States closest trading partners, with more than $130 billion in two-way goods trade and nearly $37 billion in services in 2018 alone.
  • The goods and services trade deficit with the ROK dropped by more than 40 percent in 2018.
    • United States exports of autos, agricultural products, fuel, and chemicals to the ROK grew last year.
  • During President Trump’s visit in 2017, dozens of ROK companies announced billions of dollars in investment projects that created thousands of jobs in the United States, as well as planned purchases of American goods.
  • ROK firms have directly invested more than $50 billion in the United States, as of 2017.