Washington, DC - The flow of illegal aliens is crashing our immigration system and overwhelming our country.  But a district court has issued yet another nationwide injunction forcing open borders policies onto an unwilling American populace.  Time and time again, we have seen a single district court unilaterally rewriting, suspending, or terminating immigration law for the whole Nation – creating an unprecedented crisis on our southern border.

Congress passed a Federal law that allows for the return of illegal and inadmissible aliens to Mexico while they await asylum hearings – which ensures that they are not released into the interior of the United States.  Stunningly, a district court in California has issued a nationwide injunction halting the use of this Federal law as part of a cooperative program extensively negotiated with the government of Mexico.  This action gravely undermines the President’s ability to address the crisis at the border with the tools Congress has authorized and disrupts the conduct of our foreign affairs.

We intend to appeal, and we will take all necessary action to defend the Executive Branch’s lawful efforts to resolve the crisis at our southern border.