Washington, DC - Over the past two years, President Trump has unleashed the American economy through his taxpayer-first, pro-growth policies. Passing historic tax reform, cutting back unnecessary Washington regulations, and strengthening domestic energy policies has put the nation on an accelerated path to economic prosperity. Since the election the American economy has gained 5.3 million new jobs, as this administration’s policies have lowered consumer price growth, put more money in everyday American’s pockets, and vastly improved the economic health of the nation.

Yet, America’s return to prosperity is under attack.

Understanding this threat, President Trump on Monday unveils A Budget for a Better America; a new outline for government spending that invests in critical national priorities while restraining spending to give taxpayers the best value for their tax dollar. In total, the president’s 2020 Budget keeps his promise of a 5 percent cut to non-defense discretionary spending, reduces deficits by over $2.7 trillion over 10 years, and balances the budget in 15 years, by 2034.

Since his first year in office, and again in the budget we are laying out, President Trump has pushed for more reductions to wasteful Washington spending than any other president in history. Unfortunately, Congress has repeatedly ignored these taxpayer savings and plowed ahead with irresponsible budgets that increase our deficits and size of government. This needs to stop.

It’s not that Americans are taxed too little, it’s that Washington spends too much.
The president’s budget was written with the everyday American taxpayer in mind. All across the country, hardworking taxpayers have to balance their household budgets, finding ways to do more with less and save for the future. Our federal agencies and departments should be held to the same level of responsibility and accountability.

Throughout the process of creating this budget, the administration identified a number of wasteful, duplicative, and ineffective programs that should not be funded by your tax dollars.

A Budget for America’s Future reinforces the pro-growth policies that have led to historic job growth and prosperity, cuts wasteful spending, and balances in 15 years. It’s time for Congress to come to the table, work with the president, and rein in Washington’s spending addiction.

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