Washington, DC - High Entropy Alloys (HEAs) provide a transformative opportunity to design materials that are custom tailored to the distinct needs of a given application thereby shifting the paradigm from “apply the material you have” to “engineer the material you need.”

The potential benefits of HEAs span diverse fields and applications, and show promise to not only accelerate economic growth and domestic competitive advantage, but also address pressing societal challenges. U.S. investments have fostered a deep array of research and expertise at federal laboratories and universities, yielding promising alloys that demonstrate extraordinary material performance, unique property combinations, and viability as replacements for high-cost or rare materials. 

Realizing HEAs’ promise for cross-cutting impact requires transitioning research into products manufactured at scale in the United States.

MForesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight convened leading U.S. industry, research, and government experts and practitioners to identify the cross-cutting prospects and challenges and distilled four actionable recommendations aimed at advancing U.S. competitiveness in HEA manufacturing in its latest report available here.