Washington, DC - "We want to eliminate the intrusive rules that undermine your ability to earn a living, and we will protect the corn-based ethanol and biofuels that power our country." ~ President Donald J. Trump

EXPANDING WAIVERS FOR E15: The Trump Administration is initiating rulemaking to expand fuel waivers for E15, or gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol.

  • President Donald J. Trump is directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to initiate a rulemaking to consider expanding Reid Vapor Pressure waivers for fuel blends containing gasoline and up to 15 percent ethanol.
    • Under the proposed expansion, E15 would be allowed to be sold year round rather than just eight months of the year.
  • President Trump continues to uphold his commitment to ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard program to give consumers more choice.
  • The proposed expansion will strengthen America’s domestic energy production and provide a boost to America’s famers.

INCREASING TRANSPARENCY IN THE RIN MARKET: In the same rulemaking, the Trump Administration will increase transparency in the Renewable Identification Number (RIN) market.

  • In the same rulemaking, President Trump is directing the EPA to consider reforms to increase transparency and prevent price manipulation in the RIN market.
  • These potential reforms to be considered include:
    • Prohibiting entities other than obligated parties from purchasing separated RINs.
    • Requiring public disclosure when RIN holdings held by an individual actor exceed specified limits.
    • Limiting the length of time a non-obligated party can hold RINs.
    • Requiring the retirement of RINs for the purpose of compliance be made in real time.
  • President Trump and his Administration held meetings with various stakeholders, including Members of Congress and State leaders, to hear a range of views while evaluating this decision.
  • These proposals will go through the formal notice and public comment process.