Kenya - With a very heavy heart, San Diego Zoo Global is sharing the news that Sudan, a 45-year-old northern white rhino who lived at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, passed away from age-related health complications. Our most sincere and heartfelt sympathies are with Sudan's keepers in Kenya who have loved and cared for him. 

Sudan was an icon and the last male northern white rhino on Earth. Northern white rhinos are critically endangered and now only 2 remain on the planet—Sudan's daughter Najin and granddaughter Fatu. Sudan's passing is heartbreaking and brings these gentle giants one step closer to extinction. 

As devastating as this may seem, there's still hope. San Diego Zoo Global is dedicated to bringing species back from the brink of extinction and to saving the northern white rhino before time runs out. San Diego Zoo Global, in partnership with scientists and conservationists around the world is dedicated to saving Sudan's species from disappearing forever.