Washington, DC - The National Science Foundation (NSF) joins with other U.S. federal agencies and international partners in its support for a declaration to create an International Brain Initiative.

Representatives from the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan and Korea made the declaration at the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra, Australia last week. The declaration coincides with the launch of a new Australian Brain Initiative.

NSF is a founding partner and leader in the U.S. BRAIN Initiative, a coordinated research effort that seeks to accelerate the development of new neurotechnologies. NSF participates in the BRAIN Initiative as part of its investments in support of Understanding the Brain.

In 2016, NSF supported a conference of scientists and government representatives from countries with significant investments in neuroscience research to enhance collaboration and better coordinate global efforts in fundamental neuroscience research. This new declaration is a continuation of the progress made at that event toward stronger global collaboration on brain research.

NSF recently made its first round of Next Generation Networks for Neuroscience (NeuroNex) awards to support the development of innovative, accessible and shared capabilities and resources, and theoretical frameworks and computational modeling to advance neuroscience research. The agency has long supported research at the frontiers in cognitive science and neuroscience achieved by cross-disciplinary teams across the U.S., often in close cooperation with international partners.