Washington, DC - This morning, the Vice President and Dr. Biden called Vice President-elect Mike Pence to congratulate him and Karen Pence.  Both the Vice President and Dr. Biden offered to help answer any questions the Pences may have to ensure that the offices of the Vice President are turned over to the Pences as smoothly and as graciously as they were handed over to the Bidens.  The Vice President expressed his admiration for the Vice President-elect and Dr. Biden told him that she knows the Pences will love the journey as much as she and the Vice President have.

The Vice President and Dr. Biden invited the Pences to join them for dinner at the Naval Observatory and offered to make the transition into their new home as smooth as possible.

The Vice President and Dr. Biden also called Senator Tim Kaine and Anne Holton. The Bidens offered their congratulations on a hard-fought race. The Vice President expressed his pride for the role Senator Kaine played in the campaign and his belief that Senator Kaine will continue to make a difference in the United States Senate. Dr. Biden and Anne Holton discussed how much they enjoyed working together on this campaign and how they plan on continuing to work together on issues they both care about.