Sacramento, California - California Proposition 60 Adult Films Condoms Health Requirements Initiative Statute:

Requires adult film performers to use condoms during filming of sexual intercourse. Requires producers to pay for performer vaccinations, testing, and medical examinations. Requires producers to post condom requirement at film sites. Fiscal Impact: Likely reduction of state and local tax revenues of several million dollars annually. Increased state spending that could exceed $1 million annually on regulation, partially offset by new fees.


YES A YES vote on this measure means: There would be additional workplace health and safety requirements placed on adult film productions in California and additional ways to enforce those requirements.

NO A NO vote on this measure means: Adult film productions in California would continue to be subject to current state and local workplace health and safety requirements, including the rules now interpreted to require condom use in adult film productions.


PRO A YES vote on Prop. 60 will stop adult film pornographers from exposing their performers to life–threatening diseases that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Prop. 60 gives California health officials new enforcement tools to ensure pornographers finally obey the same workplace protection rules that apply to other California industries.

CON Prop. 60 allows ANY Californian to sue adult film performers who distribute or produce adult content, violates their privacy, and weakens workplace safety. A single special interest group has spent millions to disguise Prop. 60's flaws. Join workers, public health, civil rights organizations, California Democratic Party and California Republican Party, VOTE NO on Prop. 60.



Rick Taylor
Yes on Prop. 60, For Adult Industry Responsibility (FAIR)
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Eric Paul Leue
Californians Against Worker Harassment
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