Imperial, California (NAPSI) - Here’s an important fact for anyone who ever drives with children: When it’s hot outside and sometimes even when it’s not so hot the temperature inside a parked car can rise to fatal heatstroke levels within minutes, even if the windows are partially open.

The Problem

It’s heartbreaking and it can happen even to the best of parents. In fact, dozens of children will die in hot parked cars this year because a busy parent or caregiver forgot them or mistakenly thought the child was with someone else. In other cases, unattended children die of heatstroke after gaining access to cars that were left unlocked.

What To Do

To help prevent a tragedy, the experts at the International Parking Institute, the largest association of parking professionals, offer this safety advice:

1. Never leave your child in a parked car. Never. Not even for a minute.

2. Call 9-1-1 if you see a child alone in a car. Every minute counts.

3. Never leave your car without checking the backseat. Put your wallet or phone in back as a reminder. If your child is still in a car seat, put a stuffed toy on it when you take the child out. When the safety seat is occupied, keep the toy up front as a visual reminder. You may also want to get into the habit of always opening the back door of your car when you park it, before you lock up.

4. Arrange for your child care provider to call if your child doesn’t arrive on time.

5. If your child is missing, check the car and trunk of the car immediately. If you—or the neighbors—have a pool, check that, too.

6. Always lock your car, even in the garage or driveway.

7. Teach your children that vehicles are never to be used as play areas.

8. Keep car keys and remote control devices where children can’t get them.

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