Washington, DC - In late 2010, we were thrilled to tell you about the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s Business Center, a new website that gives you tools to understand and comply with the law. We also debuted the Business Center blog which allowed us to engage in conversations with you. In fact, we’ve published more than 1,000 of your comments, so a big thank-you goes out to all of you.

Today, we’re rolling out the revamped Business Center website with several changes.

  • We integrated all of the content into ftc.gov so now it’s easier to find it through the main navigation. You’ll find it under the Tips & Advice tab.
  • Search results on ftc.gov will include plain-language guidance articles and videos.
  • New filters make it easier to find specific legal resources like cases, closing letters, and reports. You also can do a keyword search of all the legal resources.
  • The new design is mobile and tablet-friendly so you can browse business guidance from your favorite device.

While some things on the Business Center have changed, it still has all the information you’ve come to expect – plain-language guidance articles, videos, blog posts, and legal resources. And you can still sign up for email updates.

Whether you want to know more about topics like Advertising & Marketing, Credit & Finance, and Privacy & Security, or about specific industries, like Automobiles or Funerals, we think you’ll be able to quickly find what you’re looking for.