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Washington, DC - The following statement was issued jointly by the Governments of Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

The Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States) express serious concern about President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s October 2 announcement that he plans to replace South Sudan's 10 states with 28 new states. This announcement directly contradicts the Government of South Sudan’s commitment to implement the peace agreement it signed on August 26. One of the primary tasks of the soon to be formed Transitional Government of National Unity is to initiate and oversee a process to complete a permanent constitution that will address such fundamental issues as the structure of the state.

We recognize that the people of South Sudan have long been interested in the issues of federalism and decentralization. However, we strongly urge President Kiir to defer action on this fundamental matter until the Transitional Government of National Unity is formed and a national constitutional dialogue can take place.

We strongly condemn the current resumption of fighting in Unity State. This underscores the urgent need for all South Sudanese stakeholders and members of the IGAD Plus to move forward with the full and timely implementation of the peace agreement, especially the prompt establishment of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission and mandated security arrangements. We also call on the Opposition to resolve outstanding security-related issues and both to allow for full and unfettered humanitarian access.