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Washington, DC - Secretary of State John Kerry: "I congratulate the Moldovan people on the 24th anniversary of the Republic of Moldova's independence, which is being celebrated August 27.

"The United States commends Moldova's continuing efforts to strengthen rule of law, and applauds your commitment to a future firmly rooted in Europe and reflecting the values of freedom and democracy. When I visited Moldova in 2013, I saw for myself the desire of the Moldovan people to build a democratic and prosperous future. Today, I reaffirm our commitment to supporting Moldova’s aspirations.

"You may be sure that America will remain unwavering in its support for Moldova's sovereignty and territorial integrity and will continue to play an active role in the 5+2 negotiations aimed at peacefully resolving the Transnistria dispute.

"We support, as well, the ongoing efforts of your government and civil society to strengthen your institutions and to undertake reforms that will enable your citizens to enjoy a stable, prosperous, and democratic future.

"The United States is pleased to reaffirm its friendship and admiration for the people of Moldova, and to wish you well on this special day."