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Washington, DC - Secretary of State John Kerry: " It is my distinct pleasure to join President Obama in wishing a joyous and healthy Nowruz to all who celebrate around the world, throughout Asia and the Caucasus, to the Persian Gulf region, and to everyone celebrating here in the United States.

"For centuries millions of people have gathered each year to rejoice in the arrival of Spring and partake in traditions that mark the vernal equinox as the beginning of a new year.

"As I noted in my Nowruz greeting last year, the United States and Iran have endured many harsh winters. But now, with the coming of Spring, we can all embrace this opportunity to move toward a better future.

"It is my sincere hope that if Iran’s leaders make the right choices – the necessary choices – in the ongoing nuclear talks, that this new year and this new Spring will mark a better future both for the Iranian people and for the world.

"This Nowruz, as you reflect on the preceding year and look forward to a new one, may the spirit of reconciliation mend past differences and the spirit of hope lead the way towards new growth and opportunity.

"Nowruz Mobarak!"