Washington, DC - The United States condemns today's mortar attack on the Russian Embassy compound in Damascus, a facility protected by international law.

West Lafayette, Indiana - The Center for Global Trade Analysis based at Purdue University released the latest version of its GTAP Data Base of worldwide economic transactions Tuesday (May19).

Washington, DC - The United States is deeply concerned about legislative passage of the Health Care for Population Control Bill in Burma, paving the way for it to be enacted into law. This bill and the three other draft bills to purportedly “protect race and religion,” which address religious conversion, interfaith marriage, and monogamy, contain provisions that could be enforced in a manner that would undermine respect for reproductive rights, women’s rights, and religious freedom.

Washington, DC - On May 14, U.S. and Belarusian officials met in Washington to discuss human rights, civil society, and democracy. Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Eric Rubin, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Rights, Democracy, and Labor Philip Kaplan, and USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia Jonathan Katz participated for the United States in meetings with senior Belarusian Foreign Ministry officials, Director-General for Multilateral Diplomacy Yury Ambrazevich and Director for the Americas Oleg Kravchenko, as well as with Belarusian Charge d’Affaires Pavel Shidlovsky.

Washington, DC - Special Representative for Global Food Security Nancy Stetson will travel to Milan, Italy, May 18–21.

Washington, DC - Today, Crimean Tatars mark the 71st anniversary of the Soviet government’s forcible deportation of more than 230,000 Tatars from their homeland.  The event has been marked in Crimea every year since the 50th anniversary was commemorated in Simferopol in 1994.  This year, however, under Russian occupation, the Tatars have been banned from marking the occasion with their traditional memorial demonstration.