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Washington, DC - Recently on cable news a little boy appeared to execute two men in Syria. Beside him a thug chants something that is probably related to the Muslim religion.  Days before this, men arrogantly stood in the streets in Paris France shouting Islamic religious rhetoric.

In recent months we have seen beheadings of journalists and humanitarians in Syria while their hooded captors recited words from the Koran or Islamic prayers. While this is going on militant Islamists recruit Europeans, Africans and Americans to come and join their forces.

What sane person sees and hears these barbaric acts of murder and is inspired to enlist? What allegedly inspired Christopher Lee Cornell, a young Ohio man to sympathize with ISIS, buy assault weapons and plot to attack the Capital? I am not sure anybody can really answer this question.  However, it seems to me that whoever unites with a militant Muslim cause is crazy and needs serious help. They certainly do not need to be walking the streets of Paris, New York City or Cincinnati, Ohio buying guns and material to build explosives. Cornell is in jail, which is where he apparently needs to be.  The two Kouachi brothers were on the No Fly List because of their activities. Unfortunately, they were not jailed before they could carry out their attack of murder on the Paris magazine.

Notorious French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala has been arrested for being an "apologist for terrorism" after suggesting on Facebook that he sympathized with one of the Paris gunmen, a judicial source has said. A France comic well known for his in your face speeches and comedy routines was recently placed in jail because of a tweet that he sent out. Paris police didn't think it was funny. France is a nation that is on edge. Some things just aren't funny.

Don't get excited. I am for free speech all the way. I am also supportive of the millions of peace loving Muslims. However, our nation has been there and to some extent we still are.  Just fly on a plane or go into a federal building and you are reminded that militant Muslims have changed our country forever. We have a kind of fear in America that we had never known before 911.

I've heard old people talk about walking to school and carrying a shotgun so they could go squirrel hunting after school. Not today. Twenty years ago what might have been taken as a joke or just a wisecrack is no longer acceptable.  People continue to bully on the Internet, write harassing stuff about schoolmates and talk trash about other people. There is nothing good about verbally assaulting innocent people. One thing is for certain; there is no room for stupid talk when it comes to our national security. Kids of all ages and even adults need to remind anyone who we suspect might do something stupid, "Don't do anything stupid!" Don't associate with any kind of militant Muslim web site. Do not associate with militant Muslim people. Do not make any kind of statement to anybody or on social media about any kind of militant Muslim sympathy or leanings! Find something else to do with your life and time! If you need to channel your frustration, loneliness and anger then find a healthy, ethical and moral way to do it.

The good Muslims of this nation and world must stand up, March and fight back against militant Muslims. We need to see and hear the good Muslims crying out against the bad Muslims. In the meantime, if you are not a Muslim don't go looking for a militant Muslim group to join because your life is boring and pathetic. There is a world out there that needs people to utilize their lives to the fullest for good, not barbaric acts of violence against mankind.  Be the person who changes the world - for good. 

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