West Lafayette, Indiana - A new catalytic process is able to convert what was once considered biomass waste into lucrative chemical products that can be used in fragrances, flavorings or to create high-octane fuel for racecars and jets.

Washington, DC - According to declassified reports, video evidence and testimony from whistleblower guards and soldiers, the US government used music to torture detainees in a number of different ways.

Washington, DC - Yesterday, senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Government of Guatemala met for the first DHS-Ministry of Government Executive Leadership Group (ELG) meeting. The ELG is a step forward by both governments to strengthen the strategic bilateral partnership and enhance collaboration on a range of shared security-related priorities.

Washington, DC - Secretary of State John Kerry will host the annual “Diplomacy at Home for the Holidays” reception at 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, December 17, in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the Department of State.

Clarksville, Tennessee - Amazon today debuts Uptrader, a new office suite that helps users make good business decisions. Uptrader features 3 tools: A consequence analysis tool and an intelligence analysis tool, which help professionals communicate how they're perceiving a situation, what they think they should do, and why. And a leadership tool that helps users decide how to most effectively direct team activities toward goal achievement.

Washington, DC - This Christmas give somebody the gift of mercy and forgiveness. Actually be broad with your giving and generous. We all need a lot of both. For such a joyful holiday of cheer, giving and yuletide merriment there are certainly a lot of stressed out sourpuss faces and agitated people. If you haven't seen any of these you probably haven't been to the mall or busy shopping districts.