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Sacramento, California - During its first business meeting of the new year, the California Energy Commission approved nearly $18 million to fund projects that will help the state meet its climate and energy goals. Twelve million dollars will go toward three alternative fuel projects, $4 million will help fund two geothermal projects and $3.5 million will help fund local energy efficiency projects.

The three alternative fuels projects will receive funding through the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP), which supports technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on petroleum-based fuels. Recipients include:

The two geothermal projects will receive funding through the Energy Commission's Geothermal Grant and Loan Program, which provides funding for research and development of new or existing geothermal resources and technologies and is open to eligible private companies and local agencies. Funds come from royalty and lease payments made by geothermal developers operating on federal land in California. Recipients include:

The Energy Commission also approved $3.5 million in loans through the Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA) program for the cities of San Mateo and Morro Bay. ECAA provides zero- or low-interest loans to public entities for energy efficiency or energy generation projects. Loans are paid back within 20 years using savings from reduced energy costs. ECAA loan recipients include:

Other actions

The Energy Commission adopted the California Energy Demand Updated Forecast, 2015-2025 report that provides updated baseline forecasts of electricity consumption and peak demand within the state. The report uses recent economic and demographic assumptions and an additional year of historical data.

Timed for its 40th anniversary this month, the Commission also unveiled its new seal to reflect policies that encourage renewable energy resources. The seal was designed in-house and replaces the previous seal designed in the mid-seventies.

A detailed list of all items before the Energy Commission at today's business meeting can be found online.