Chicago, Illinois - It’s finally summer, and like the bountiful produce popping up at farmers markets and in weekly CSAs, Food Tank continues to grow and flourish with fresh daily content, energized voices, and innovative ideas for fixing our global food system.

I’m very proud that more than half of Food Tank’s budget comes from individual donors—from more than 100 countries—giving less than $50 each. But to keep up with our fast-paced growth and planned activities for the coming year, we need even more motivated members to join us.

Here are the top three reasons to take the next step and BECOME A FOOD TANK SUSTAINER today:

1. Free Attendance to 2016 Summits and Other Events

Food Tank’s inaugural Summit was completely sold out and included more than 80 speakers over two days in Washington, DC. With more than 15,000 people participating via livestream from all over the world—and generating enough discussion for the Summit to be a trending topic on Twitter—we expect the 2016 Summit to be even more impactful.

In the coming year, Food Tank members will get the first opportunity for these coveted seats at our upcoming 2016 Summit(s) as well as FREE admission, valued at $200. Food Tank membership will also include free admission to dozens of other events in coming months.

2. Free Exclusive Webinars

Food Tank hosts exclusive informational webinars for members with noteworthy thought-leaders in food and agriculture. Past webinars have included Anna Lappé, Kari Hamerschlag, Michele Simon, Stephanie Hanson, and many more. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and hear from the hardworking, on-the-ground experts and changemakers.

Upcoming webinars include:

June 18: “Food Security Governance: Empowering Communities, Regulating Corporations” with Nora McKeon

June 24: “Pollinators in Peril: Can President Obama save the bees?” with Larissa Walker

June 30: “Antibiotic Resistance and the Way Forward” with Bob Martin

July 9: “Grow Dat Youth Farm: Youth Leadership through Ecological Farming” with Leo Gorman

July 15: “Bringing Four-Season Farming to the Next Generation of Farmers” with Clara Coleman

September 3: “The Global Food Crisis: How Can We Heal an Ailing and Divided World?” with Dr. Roger Leakey

September 16: “The Dollars and Cents of Soil Health” with Dr. Chuck Benbrook

October 7: “A Food-Based Approach to Address Malnutrition” with Gianna Bonis-Profumo

November 18: “The ABCs of the GMO Debate: Do We Really Need GMOs to Feed the World?” with Anna Lappe

3. Have a Voice in Our Upcoming Good Food Org Guide with the James Beard Foundation

Each year, Food Tank co-produces the Good Food Org Guide in partnership with the James Beard Foundation. Last year we featured more than 500 nonprofits building a better food system in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This year we are expanding that list to Canada and almost doubling the number of nonprofits that we feature, complete with new categories and interactive mapping tools.

Food Tank members can influence which organizations are featured by making recommendations that immediately are investigated by our team for consideration. Organizations chosen for the guide will receive a graphic seal of recognition for their website, as well as a feature on

These are just a few of many exclusive member benefits, including a first look at Food Tank reports, access to our team of researchers, and an annual phone call with a member of the Food Tank team to integrate your areas of interest into our work.

So what do you say are you in?

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