Washington, DC - The protocol used by the majority of WiFi connections is vulnerable, allowing traffic to be exposed.

WiFi connections aren’t safe. This isn’t a new statement, it’s advice security experts have given for years, and now as a result of Belgian researchers, it’s more true than ever. Mathy Vanhoef of Belgian university KU Leuven published a report on Monday detailing a flaw in the WPA2 protocol.

San Diego, California - The San Diego Zoo will host a ceremony to announce a U.S. Postal Service special pictorial stamp cancellation opportunity. The ceremony, to be held at the all-new Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks exhibit, takes place Tuesday, October 17 and features remarks by representatives from the San Diego Zoo and U.S. Postal Service (USPS), followed by special enrichment activities for the leopard sharks residing at the Cape Fynbos habitat at Africa Rocks.

Washington, DC - An executive order issued by President Trump would encourage association health plans to enter the insurance market and change the rules governing the length and renewability of short-term catastrophic health insurance plans.

Washington, DC - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking the public’s assistance with obtaining identifying information regarding an unknown female who may have critical information pertaining to the identity of a child victim in an ongoing sexual exploitation investigation. Photographs and an informational poster depicting the unknown individual, known only as Jane Doe 39, are being disseminated to the public and can be found online at the FBI website:

Scottsdale, Arizona - You'll likely begin sex therapy by describing your specific sexual concerns. Sexual issues can be complicated, and your therapist will want to get a clear idea of all the factors involved. Once your therapist understands the situation, he or she will discuss ways to resolve your concerns and improve your communication and intimacy.

Blythe, California - Border Patrol agents assigned to the Integrated Targeting Team in Blythe, California, stopped a vehicle near Ehrenberg, Arizona, Wednesday morning and learned that three of four occupants had warrants for their arrest.