Washington, DC - On Tuesday, April 17, Google will push the newest version of its web browser, Chrome 66, to stable, effectively distrusting any Symantec CA brand (Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL) SSL certificate issued before June 1, 2016. Once Chrome 66 goes live and its users begin to update their browsers, any website still using one of the affected Symantec CA brand SSL certificates will be slapped with a browser warning.

New York - Over 80 international law enforcement, security, counternarcotic, and judicial officials arrive in the United States today on the Towards a More Safe and Secure World initiative. Participants will spend three weeks meeting with their counterparts across the United States. These partnerships between the United States and other countries enhance efforts to combat transnational crime.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Around 4 billion years ago, Earth was an inhospitable place, devoid of oxygen, bursting with volcanic eruptions, and bombarded by asteroids, with no signs of life in even the simplest forms. But somewhere amid this chaotic period, the chemistry of the Earth turned in life’s favor, giving rise, however improbably, to the planet’s very first organisms.

Washington, DC - Last year, we heard from small business owners about their cybersecurity challenges at a series of roundtable discussions the FTC hosted with some of its partners. What we learned is that small business owners need and want information on how to keep their computer systems and business data safe. So we’re planning to provide that to them. Later this year, the FTC will launch a small business education campaign on cybersecurity, in partnership with other federal agencies.

Washington, DC - Nearly 30 years after an elderly New York couple’s 1911 painting by Marc Chagall was stolen from their Manhattan home, the modernist oil-on-canvas work is being returned to the family’s estate.

Washington, DC - Today, the Department of Justice recognized the late Joye E. Frost with the Award for Professional Innovation in Victim Services for her lifelong dedication to improving victims’ services during the National Crime Victims’ Service Awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. Frost passed away on March 12 after a long battle with cancer.