Seattle, Washington - Amazon’s 20th holiday season brought record growth to the company’s fast, free shipping program Amazon Prime – more than 10 million new members worldwide tried Prime for the first time.Amazon customers also benefited from low prices this season, including more than 25,000 Lightning Deals.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - A massive computer simulation has produced a model of the universe’s evolution with new accuracy in some important measures - and yielded a new prediction concerning the distribution of matter in the cosmos.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - A Web page today is the result of a number of interacting components - like cascading style sheets, XML code, ad hoc database queries, and JavaScript functions. For all but the most rudimentary sites, keeping track of how these different elements interact, refer to each other, and pass data back and forth can be a time-consuming chore.

Washington, DC - A fast-paced game app where players pretend they are baggage screening officers operating airport x-ray scanners has provided researchers with billions of pieces of data in record time, according to an article published by the American Psychological Association.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Researchers at MIT who succeeded last year in creating a material that could trap light and stop it in its tracks have now developed a more fundamental understanding of the process. The new work - which could help explain some basic physical mechanisms - reveals that this behavior is connected to a wide range of other seemingly unrelated phenomena.

Imperial, California - The brilliant minds at Psiphon Inc. have enabled the Psiphon app for Android* tablets powered by Intel® Atom™ Processors. This advanced application allows users to access the Internet and to bypass firewalls that inhibit access to online content.