El Centro, California  - Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program and Imperial County Probation Department, is proud to announce the successful completion and transition ceremony of the 24/7 Dad, 2nd Chance Project, and GED programs. These courses were held over several weeks at the Herbert Hughes Correctional Center (H.H.C.C).

The ceremony marked an achievement goal for 25 participating inmates. These programs are designed to help inmates with their transition from incarceration to home, employment, and furthering their education. 

Objectives of the 24/7 Dad program are to increase knowledge and awareness of what it means to be a good father.  This program is designed to instill methods and concepts of how to improve communication skills with their children, and help gain control of a situation rather than allowing it to escalate.

The Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance has authorized a grant using federal funds to I.V.R.O.P for the purpose of the 2nd Chance Project; this is geared towards assisting medium to high risk offenders to become productive by obtaining technical career training, gain useful employment skills, successful job placement, resulting in lowering the recidivism rate.

GED classes are offered to all inmates who are housed at the H.H.C.C facility.  GED or high school diplomas are a requirement to obtain employment, and this program allows the inmates to become one step closer to a successful re-entry.  To date, the Imperial County Jail has had 8 inmates tested for their GED, and 7 of who have completed it.