Rochester, Minnesota - Discs in the low back change in appearance over time in almost all adults. This includes loss of disc height and loss of water content that makes the discs appear darker on an MRI scan. The discs also may bulge into the spinal canal. These changes often affect more than one disc.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Beverages such as soda and fruit drinks are a major source of added sugar in the typical U.S. diet. Added sugar contributes calories but no essential nutrients to your diet.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - One of the major side effects of chemotherapy is a sharp drop in white blood cells, which leaves patients vulnerable to dangerous infections. MIT researchers have now developed a portable device that could be used to monitor patients’ white blood cell levels at home, without taking blood samples.

Los Angeles, California - From flossing possibly getting the kibosh to getting cavities on a sugar-free diet, it is easy to get confused when it comes to dental care.

Houston, Texas - Sixty-three year old Texan Anna Henry has been playing to flute for more than a half-a-century. She even played for the doctors and nurses gathered around her at Houston’s Texas Medical Center while she lay on an operating table during brain surgery, says the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

Stanford, California - It seems simple enough: Taking a hard hit to the head can give you a concussion. But, Stanford researchers report March 30 in Physical Review Letters, in most cases, the connection is anything but simple.