Sacramento, California - California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller issued the following statement today after Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015 (SB 350).

The new law requires California to increase from 33 percent to 50 percent the purchase of eligible renewable energy resources under the Renewables Portfolio Standard by December 31, 2030, and requires the Energy Commission to establish annual targets for existing residential and nonresidential buildings to achieve a cumulative doubling of energy efficiency savings in electricity and natural gas by January 1, 2030. The new law also provides procedures for the voluntary transformation of the Independent System Operator into a regional organization which will help incorporate more renewable energy not only in California but the region, thereby even reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our neighboring states.

"California continues to demonstrate reducing greenhouse gas emissions is achievable in a manner that creates jobs and provides energy that is safe, resilient, reliable and cost effective. We are confident Californians are ready to increase our use of renewable energy and make our homes and businesses even more energy efficient."

"Also, providing a regional vehicle for the distribution of energy through the California ISO enables the state to work with our neighbors to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate how renewable energy can be incorporated on a much larger scale that can be replicated around the world."