Sacramento, California - California Proposition 58 English Proficiency Multilingual Education Initiative Statute:

Preserves requirement that public schools ensure students obtain English language proficiency. Requires school districts to solicit parent/community input in developing language acquisition programs. Requires instruction to ensure English acquisition as rapidly and effectively as possible. Authorizes school districts to establish dual–language immersion programs for both native and non–native English speakers. Fiscal Impact: No notable fiscal effect on school districts or state government.


YES A YES vote on this measure means: Public schools could more easily choose how to teach English learners, whether in English–only, bilingual, or other types of programs.

NO A NO vote on this measure means: Public schools would still be required to teach most English learners in English–only programs.


PRO Teachers, parents, school principals, local school board members, and Governor Jerry Brown support Proposition 58 to help students learn English as quickly as possible and expand opportunities for English speakers to master a second language. Proposition 58 gives school districts local control to choose the most effective instruction methods for their students.

CON Prop. 58 is not about modernizing the way we teach English. It's about eliminating parental rights to an English–language education for their children. English–language success has been spectacular. Immigrant children are learning English faster than ever before and record numbers of immigrant students are gaining admission to our universities.



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